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About Us

Image by Ross Findon

Founded in 2022, Fanart For Change was created with love in mind: love of the passion nerds have for the things that bring them joy and love of the world as a whole. During the rocky years of 2019 through 2022, the organization's creator found solace and community in their favorite fan groups, where hope and encouragement flourished in the face of global fear and uncertainty. It was within this space of acceptance and enthusiasm that the FFC was birthed, and where it hopes to root itself and grow.

Vikki Sparks

Founder and Chief Coordinator

This self-proclaimed nerd deeply loves every flavor of geekdom on offer, including video games, TTRPGs, board games, card games, comic books, literature, film and television, podcasts, theatre, and more. They first started their exploration of fandom when they were three years old and insisted that their parents refer to them only as Scrooge McDuck. Before they reached double-digits, they had a noteworthy collection of Garfield memorabilia and a decent stack of DOS games next to their hilariously boxy PC.
While Vikki's tastes have changed over the decades, their passion for creating fanart has only grown. Long gone are the days when they sat in their bedroom, hastily scribbling Inu Yasha fanfiction and dreaming of a world where they could make a difference in the lives of others. Today, the FFC is taking that dream and making it a reality.

Image by galxrax rax
Image by bady abbas


Co-Founder and Social Media Manager

Neptune, who also goes by Dorado, has been playing video games longer than they could read. Obsessed with the Legend of Zelda (their first Zelda game was Spirit Tracks) and Mario Baseball speed-running, fake kingdoms from all types of media, and modern fantasy settings, people have described them as ‘an interesting collection of things’.

Writing and drawing since they were 10, they’ve been writing fan fiction and drawing fan art just as long. They’re one of those people who will try and write the fic they want to read, only to sit down and wish it was already written (and therefor not completing it). Their love of fandom and what it can create seeps into the work they do for the FFC.

Some of their favorite video games include Majora’s Mask, Super Mario Sunshine, EarthBound, Pokemon Black and White, Breath of the Wild, Risk of Rain 2, Cook Serve Delicious!, Portal, Project Sekai, and Overwatch.

As the saying goes, it takes all kinds to make a world.
Let's make ours better through the things that bring us joy.

Fanart For Change is a new, budding organization comprised of the founder and enthusiastic volunteers.

We are currently applying for our 501c3 and are happy to provide proof of our donations upon request. 

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