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Good Art, Good Causes

The fervor and enthusiasm one has for their passions is a beautiful thing. We at the FFC hope to kindle that fire in folks across a wide array of nerd communities with the goal of raising awareness, fellowship, and funding for charities. With each project, we aim to bring together fan groups of every ilk to do real, lasting good in the world that is fueled by individuals celebrating the things that they love.

Love propagates love, and we see no better way to help the world around us than by using our overflowing fan-fervor to bring about change.

Don't have a specific fandom you subscribe to? Looking for ways to support us between campaigns? You can donate any amount at any time to one of our foundational charities.

Are you an artist, writer, crafter, creator, or general creative individual? Get in touch with us to see how you can be a part of our future projects.

Fanart For Change is a non-profit organization that strives to bring lasting change in the world through nerd-driven campaigns. Our hope is to do good works via our passions.

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